Wake up to eggs & bacon on Collop Monday!

aqua shard Eggs & Bacon: 63˚ͦ steamed egg, crispy bacon and potatoes, potato mousse

You’ll probably know that Shrove Tuesday – also known as Pancake Day and Mardi Gras, or ‘Fat Tuesday’ - is a Christian tradition, whereby rich ingredients including milk, eggs and sugar are purposely used up before they are given up for the fast of Lent.

Less well-known-about however is Collop Monday, the day before Shrove Tuesday. This was traditionally the day to use the last of the meat in the house, (a ‘collop’ is a piece or slice of meat) which was usually bacon, served with eggs. The fat used to cook the bacon was then kept and used to cook the pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, ensuring that nothing went to waste.
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