Cheers to A Very Good Year!

Posted on November 21, 2014 by admin

Next time you join us in the bar at aqua shard for a cocktail, don’t think the barman’s got more than the drinks mixed up if you see him pouring yours from a wine bottle. For that’s the innovative way in which one of the new ‘Autumnal Attractions’ called ‘It Was A Very Good Year’ is presented!

A warming combination of Sipsmith Sloe Gin, Appleton VX rum, Rioja, Campari and vanilla, the cocktail is blended in small batches and kept chilled in wine bottles bearing a distinctive chateau-style label designed in-house by our talented assistant marketing manager Judy.

For an extra layer of flavour and complexity, each ‘It Was A Very Good Year’ is poured into a rocks glass smoked with cinnamon. The combination of spirits, wine and spices creates a potent yet very drinkable punch which hints at the mulled wine to be enjoyed when the temperature drops further.

2014 has indeed been a very good year for aqua shard and we are delighted to offer a cocktail commemorating the fact. We do hope that you will visit us to enjoy one for yourself with us soon!

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