Not just desserts!

Posted on July 23, 2015 by admin

We’ve always taken desserts seriously here at aqua shard, believing that every meal should end on a high note as well as a sweet one. The same thought and care go into choosing the ingredients for and the preparation of our desserts as into any of our savoury dishes – and we’re sure you’ll be delighted with the new dishes joining the dessert menu this month.

Wild basil custard, sweet & sour Gariguette strawberries and clotted cream is a fragrant, refreshing, creamy dish which as well as cleansing the palate, indulges it with the sweetness of strawberries and rich texture and flavour of clotted cream.

For something that’s classically sweet without being heavy, Maple cream cheese marries a light-as-air cream with the crispness of oatmeal crumbs and cool crunch of iced lemon thyme. Carrot purée adds a surprising extra layer of complexity.

It’s not all change though – fans of our signature David’s Mess, named after its creator, Aqua Restaurant Group founder David Yeo, will be pleased to know that it remains on the menu, its combination of guava sorbet, fresh raspberry and vanilla Chantilly deliciously unchanged from our very first service!


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