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Spotlight on: Our Loch Etive smoked trout

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The lochs and streams of the Scottish Highlands have been the cornerstone for generations of fishermen and women, and we are really pleased to be celebrating their produce on our menu with RR Spink & Sons’ smoked trout. The trout we use is served in one of our starters with trout roe, rock samphire, crispy skin and crème fraiche, is sourced exclusively from Loch Etive.

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Tipples and tea at our Roald Dahl Afternoon Tea

LR -Roald Dahl 100 tea with Veuve Clicquot Rich

An Afternoon Tea isn’t complete without the ‘tea’! For our Roald Dahl Afternoon Tea we have numerous options to accompany your delightful, fun filled bites.

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Commi Chef Evelyn cooks at Chefs of Tomorrow


On Monday the 4 July one of our chefs, Evelyn Ragui took part in an event for young, talented chefs called Chefs of Tomorrow, which is part of the TMRW project, a project that looks to support up and coming talent in the hospitality industry.

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Behind the scenes of the Roald Dahl Afternoon Tea

LR aquashard-ldn-happenings-roalddahl

It takes a lot of (fun) work to come with a special Afternoon Tea like the Roald Dahl 100. One of the great things about a menu such as this, is it brings different teams together to create the magic.

Back in January, a full team got together to brainstorm ideas; General Manager John Wiltshire, Executive Chef Dale Osborne, Head Chef Pip Sandrey, Marketing Director Hannah Berry, Marketing Manager Judy Tse and Bars Manager Luca Missaglia. Over an afternoon the creative ideas and collaboration between marketing, the kitchen and front of house operation began. Read more +

Sorbet & champagne: our new ‘Summer Cocktails’

Sorbet cocktail 10

We think this summer should be all about sorbet and Champagne! Refreshing, flavourful, fun, and always a treat.

As a child, summers in Italy for Luca, our Bars manager, were full of fresh, fruity sorbets, and he wanted to recreated that feeling of childhood delight in a delicious frozen treat. Like chefs, bartenders get inspiration from seasonal produce and Luca is no different. He explained that “creating new drinks is about taking familiar techniques and adopting them, and being inspired by the environment you’re in, so with these drinks I wanted to use the beautiful British summer fruits and herbs available to us, and make a delicious sorbet”.

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Game, set and match

LR-Wimbledon cocktail

It’s Wimbledon time again! We have always felt that a great way to enjoy a tennis game is to sit back, relax and sip on a cocktail (or two).

In homage to the great sporting event, Bars manager Luca challenged his team with a competition to create cocktail around the theme of Wimbledon. The bar team of 12 were split into four teams of three, to work together and develop something delicious.

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Meet the team – Dale Osborne

Meet our Executive chef Dale Osborne. Dale talks about the food that inspires him, the people who have shaped his career and, what his guilty food pleasure is!

We caught up with Dale about the restaurants he’s been to recently and also about what we’ve got to look forward at aqua shard this summer.



C’est la vie – a cocktail that takes a bit of love


One of cocktails on our aqua shard signature menu, C’est la vie takes patience, attention and care, because good things take time!

The key to this drink is the lime, which is clarified over 24 hours. This process creates a transparent liquid that has a clean taste, creating a refined and elegant cocktail.

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Celebrating the Chelsea Flower Show

Here at Aqua Shard we are proud to be celebrating the Chelsea Flower Show with a beautiful dessert and a fresh cocktail that embraces the essence of the great British tradition of horticulture.

Chelsea Flower Show Dessert

aqua shard Chelsea Flower Show Dessert

Executive chef Dale Osborne and his team have created a light, spring dessert that tickles your taste buds and is a feast on your eyes, with every element of the dessert being floral. This panna cotta is lemon verbena with a rose water jelly, orange blossom marshmallow, lime and jasmine meringue, topped with a violet macaroon.

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The season for Gulls’ eggs

Gull egg

For a very short window in spring, the black-headed gulls nest and a limited number of their eggs are available for harvesting. We are really excited to have been able to source some of these wonderful eggs.

These delicacies have been a British tradition for centuries and we are serving them as a breakfast special in a traditional manner – soft boiled, with toast soldiers and celery salt. Gull eggs have a creamer and richer flavour than hen eggs, and the yolks are a vibrant orange.

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