Prawns and pork – a perfect pairing

Posted on April 10, 2015 by admin

Mazzancolle red prawns

It’s all change on the a la carte menu for April as we introduce a host of delicious new dishes for Spring, including one that we’re sure will be an instant favourite – Mazzancolle red prawns with treacle-cured pork.

Mazzancolle prawns are a prized Mediterranean variety, notable for their striped shells and particularly plump, sweet flesh. Grilled to give them a wonderful depth of flavour, they’re teamed with slices of treacle-cured fully free-range Blythburgh pork, a fried free-range duck egg, smoked milk mousse and tobiko – flying fish roe – to create a very contemporary take on surf-and-turf.

The dish works so well because of its clever balancing of different tastes; sweetness from the succulent prawns, saltiness from the pork and tobiko, and savouriness from the egg and mousse. The textures are all perfect complements to each other too, making this a real pleasure to eat.

Available at dinner on the a la carte menu, we know that is one dish you won’t want to miss. But remember, the menu changes frequently so be sure to enjoy it while you can!

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