Do try this at home!

Posted on April 23, 2015 by admin

While of course our cocktails are best enjoyed in the bar at aqua shard, expertly made by¬†Myles Donneky’s highly-skilled team, we know that sometimes guests like to try making their favourite drink at home.

So with that in mind we’re delighted to share this video Myles made for top drinks industry title Difford’s Guide, in partnership with Ciroc Vodka, showing how to make a Ciroc Blue Stone cocktail in just a few simple steps!

The Ciroc Blue Stone is similar to our popular Frozen Vines cocktail, but uses fewer ingredients making it easier to execute at home. Watch Myles make it – and explain why he likes using Ciroc – then try it for yourself. Or of course, if you’d rather let our team do the work – which they’re very happy to do – come on up and see us in the bar.

As always, a warm welcome awaits!

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