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Enjoy a special dessert and cocktail in celebration of the British-grown Bramley apple

At aqua shard, we’re celebrating the renowned British-grown Bramley apple! Every Bramley apple can be traced back to a tree that’s over 200-years-old and is still growing in Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England. In 1809, Mary Ann Brailsford planted the first pips in her garden.

To commemorate the fine fruit, our head pastry chef Ji Sun Shin has created a special dessert for guests to try. Made of apple cheesecake, cider ice cream, pistachio crumble and apple compote, the Bramley apple adds a tangy flavour that it’s so well known for, together with its light and moist texture. Read more +

Aqua Punch: our winter cocktails

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This winter our Bars manager Luca Missaglia has created cocktails that work well for the colder months – a contempory Aqua twist on the classic punch.

During our research into punch we discovered a rich history of the drink, for example the word ‘punch’ comes from the Sanskrit language meaning five. Sanskrit is the sacred language of Hinduism, a religion from India. Punch was originally made up of five elements – alcohol, sugar, lemon, water, tea or spice. It was through the East India Company’s voyagers to South Asia that punch became part of British culture.

Luca wanted to tell this history through his creations and each drink is inspired by an important moment in time of the punch story.

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Aqua Punch: 1633 – East India Barrel Punch

aqua shard East India Barrel Punch

Join us on the second instalment of punch and the Bennett Family story: The East Indies.

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Aqua Punch: 1650 – Bolleponge Vol. II

LR- Bolle_Ponge_

Join us on the third instalment of punch and the Bennett Family story: Friendships & punch.

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Aqua Punch: 1731 – Ludgate Hill Punch


Join us on the fourth instalment of punch and the Bennett Family story: Spice by name, punch by nature.

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Aqua Punch: 19th Century Punch


Join us on the final installment of punch and the Bennett Family story: Punch and revelry.

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Our Christmas Charity: Fauna & Flora International


This year our Christmas installation, Human Nature, has been created with thousands of leaves made from 3D printing of recycled plastic. The leaves are based on five native British leaves. This installation is in honour of David Attenborough for his 90th Birthday and his work with the charity Fauna & Flora International.

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Christmas with Sir David Attenborough and Timothy Hatton Architects


For Christmas this year we are delighted to be collaborating with Timothy Hatton Architectsand Sir David Attenborough in aid of Fauna & Flora International.

Our “Christmas Tree” will be a 9-metre-high cascading installation, designed by Timothy Hatton Architects using recycled 3D-printed material.

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Meet the team – Head Pastry Chef Ji Sun Shin

LOWRES - for blog - Ji Sun 1

To celebrate Chocolate Week we thought it would be a good idea to introduce you to our new Head pastry chef Ji Sun. She tells us why she loves chocolate, how she trained, her favourite dessert and gives us tips on the best Korean restaurants in London!

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Executive Chef Dale talks about Autumn and Salsify


We spoke to Executive Chef Dale Osborne about why he likes Autumn, and what we is looking forward to cooking this season.

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